• W A S H Y O U R H A N D S , S T A Y S A F E & S U P P O R T Y O U R L O C A L A R T I S T
  • W A S H Y O U R H A N D S , S T A Y S A F E & S U P P O R T Y O U R L O C A L A R T I S T

2021, December

As mentioned in the news section earlier on there was another silkscreen printing workshop at Douze Studios Dresden late November but that was only one part of another edition of Golored Gigs (this time Redux) in December. There're panels with different artists talking 'bout there poster art and giving lectures, bands were playing live streams and you were able to pop by and pic your poster yourself at Medienkulturzentrum - Kraftwerk Mitte Dresden. Last but not least you're still able to walk through the online exhibition at Colored Gigs.de


2021, April - May

Due to various pandemic lock downs it's not only bands not touring but clubs, bars, museums and galleries being closed as well and gigposter-art might get forgotten. Due to that Dresden Bar Combo uses their windows as a street gallery for a while now and invited Lars P. Krause and me almost 3 weeks ago to show the people what we do and here we are. Big hugs and thank you to Guram and Combo for having us.