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  • W A S H Y O U R H A N D S , S T A Y S A F E & S U P P O R T Y O U R L O C A L A R T I S T

2023, September

Flatstock 89* at Reeperbahnfestival 2023 at Festival Village Heiligengeistfeld Hamburg

"Don't wait for someone else to put your stuff out there, do it yourself!" Spawned in true DIY fashion, Flatstock, the American Poster Institute's world-leading gig poster show series, has come a long way. From its very first show in a San Francisco warehouse in 2002, it now takes in shows at major festivals all over the globe such as SXSW Austin, Pitchfork Chicago, Bumbershoot Seattle, Primavera Sound Barcelona and Corona Capital Mexico. An essential since its first Reeperbahn Festival appearance, the 17th edition of Flatstock will take place this year. And what can beat treasuring your best concert experiences and favourite bands with a reminder on your wall to go alongside those memories in your head. The Poster Show features original graphics, created especially for a gig or tour, by 29 poster artists, studios and collectives from Europe and the US. Styles, regions, generations: the posters give a colourful insight into contemporary music history in action. But unlike classic art exhibitions, Flatstock isn't just about looking: visitors can buy limited and authorised screen prints directly, and chat about them with the respective artists. This year’s line-up presents some new faces, giving fans the chance to meet their new favourite artist in the flesh.

Line Up: Apes of Doom, Michael Cowell, Crosshair, Joris Diks, Douze, Dr. Knoche, Giov’, Max Gordon, Grace Helly, Michael Hacker, Illuminous Minds, The Impossible Machine, Willem Kolvoort, Max Loeffler, Simon Marchner, Miss Felidae, Monostereo, Muah, My Name is Bri, Señor Burns, Spiegelsaal, Subterranean Prints, Jelle van Gosliga, VERA, Wonky, Zellerloid, Zerosome, Zum Heimathafen

*opening Wednesday & Thursday 14.00Uhr - Friday & Saturday 12.00Uhr

2023, May

Thx for having us Steinhaus Bautzen and thx for everything Colored Gigs. It was and still is a pleasure to see the posters framed by a venue like this and I appreciate it a lot. Anyway the postershow, the live bands, the DJs, the live printing, the live reading etc is now over a decent amount of posters of every artist (Lars P. Krause, Drake Rubicon, MUAH!, Sieb-er, die HOdruck, MagisterArts, Phillip Janta, Michael Hacker, Thomas Zettel) are still is on display there and if you're coming along don't hesitate to drop by.

Pics by Karsten Richter


save the date - Colored Gigs goes Steinhaus Bautzen

2022, September

Colored Gigs.de and Medienkulturzentrum - Kraftwerk Mitte Dresden were calling again for another Poster festival in Dresden only 1 week after Flatstock Hamburg this time with real people in the house and artists like Lars P. Krause, Spiegelsaal, Senor Burns, Jelle van Gosliga, Muah, Drake Rubicon, Susanne Magister and me, Tom Sieber. Nice couple days with all the lads, having live screen printing, artist talks, making masks, bands, DJs etc.!


2021, December

As mentioned in the news section earlier on there was another silkscreen printing workshop at Douze Studios Dresden late November but that was only one part of another edition of Golored Gigs (this time Redux) in December. There're panels with different artists talking 'bout there poster art and giving lectures, bands were playing live streams and you were able to pop by and pic your poster yourself at Medienkulturzentrum - Kraftwerk Mitte Dresden. Last but not least you're still able to walk through the online exhibition at Colored Gigs.de


2021, April - May

Due to various pandemic lock downs it's not only bands not touring but clubs, bars, museums and galleries being closed as well and gigposter-art might get forgotten. Due to that Dresden Bar Combo uses their windows as a street gallery for a while now and invited Lars P. Krause and me almost 3 weeks ago to show the people what we do and here we are. Big hugs and thank you to Guram and Combo for having us.