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2021, November

As 2021 is about coming to an end Lars P. Krause was calling for another silkscreen printing workshop at Douze Studios Dresden and I didn't want to miss this opportunity after last years workshop didn't happen due to obvious reasons. Very special thing this year is the news there's another edition of Golored Gigs (this time Redux) just around the corner starting December 3rd 2021. Special because of becoming a digital version of it's own and so you'll be able to enter the exhibition online from home or wherever you are, watch panels with different artists giving lectures on different topics etc. anyway there'll be a time window you'll be able to pop by and pic your poster yourself at Medienkulturzentrum - Kraftwerk Mitte Dresden.


2021, May

Due to various pandemic lock downs it's not only bands not being able to go on tour but clubs, bars, museums and galleries being closed as well and gigposter-art might get forgotten. Due to that Dresden Bar Combo uses their windows as a street gallery for quite some time now and invited Lars P. Krause and me almost 3 weeks ago to show the people who we are, what we do and here we are: our 1st ever combined Fenstershow.

Big hugs and thank you to Guram and Combo for having us!

2020, September

Big big thank you to everybody out there who made Save The Groovestation the success it was. Another 5 pieces of my posters gone for a very good reason. Almost 16k € in total were raised and will help a lot. Posters and any other stuff will be handed out on Groovy-Startnext-Dankeschön-Verteilungs-Happening or posted straight afterwards. Thank you!

2020, July

Pretty happy I've been asked to do some prints honouring 50 years of a Dresden kindergarden that is being demolished to make room for a new one. Anyway in the meantime the building has already been gutted and looks a bit sad now the transition this place has made over the years is somehow unreal.

2020, March

I'm very happy that I've been able to contribute a couple of my posters to become involved in helping ''Shutdown? Rise up! - Rettet die Dresdner Klubs''. Anyway this was only one of many this event of Klubnetz Dresden e.V. over several weeks raised 62.245€ to help 13 Dresden Klubs to cover losses due to Covid 19 shutdown.

I very much like to thank everybody for contributing in any way!

2020, February

I'm over the moon to be able to do another gigposter for POSTCARDS from Beirut and their gig in Societaetstheather Dresden. The idea behind the poster is as simple as the scetches were ready in mind right at the time this opportunity arose. What else fitting better than a postcard from Beirut and due to these two very famous stamps from Mauritius released in 1847 I made a red and a blue version of it. The band unfortunately had to stop the tour almost right after it started due to covid but liked the poster a lot and I hope you do too.

2020, January

new gigposter for THYBEAUX in the making. anyway the venue had to be switched to Chemiefabrik Dresden the record relase show of the dresden band will still be framed by LUCIDREAMING and GREY SKIES AHAED and a couple of my posters.

2019, December

I was able to be part of another workshop for silkscreen printing and anything around with Lars P. Krause at Douze studios in Dresden. Having a good time with good people is always a good idea, I was able to design and handprint a limited edition poster for MONKEY BUNCH SCOOTER CLUB - the 1st ever scooter club in town since 2013.

2018, December

Another year has gone by since silkscreen printing workshop number one and here comes another one with Raphael Naeser and Lars P. Krause at Douze Studios in Dresden around x-mas. Having a good time with good people is a good idea everytime anyway it's no gigposter this time but a homage to a certain actor.

September 2018

pretty happy and very proud of course to become involved into Colored Gigs Vol. X in 2018 - a gigposter show in Dresden from September 29th to 30th - giving a helping hand and having my posters displayed for the very 1st time

April 2018

I've been able to design and print a gigposter for Desperate Journalist and Pete At The Starclub at the Scheune Dresden. Anyway the support had to cancle that show it was a great one!

January 2018

So so happy I could make a gigposter for Belgrad, Tacho and Dikloud at the Scheune Dresden. First ever gigposter I made myself aynway a torn screen seems to be part of the game as well.

December 2017

First ever time to silk screen myself, woohoo! Had a huge lot of fun for 3 days at a workshop at Douze studios in Dresden with Lars P. Krause and Torsten Jahnke from Spiegelsaal Hamburg. With a couple bands already asking for posters this might just be the beginning of something, let's see.